Here is my handy-dandy portfolio which you can view in the comfort of your own office, studio, or home.

It’s in four sections, covering the four areas of illustration and design I’ve focused on:

Storybook — Covering children’s book illustration.

Commercial — Work I’ve done on toys, games and other gigs.

Conceptual — Some of my best thinking starts at the tip of a pencil.

General — The creative catch-all for assorted projects, explorations, and musings in various media.

You can used the drop-down Portfolio menu in the bar at the top of this page view each portfolio section.

You are most welcome to browse, and share what you see, but please note that all work represented in my portfolio is copyrighted material as indicated, and all right are reserved by the copyright owners. Some with a large, burly legal team on the payroll. In other words; don’t be thinking of stealing my stuff to sell elsewhere. It’s bad karma all around, and who really wants that in their lives?

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